In today’s world we often focus on our mental and physical well-being, and while we may talk about a person’s emotional well-being, we seldom refer to our own. There came a point in my life when I started feeling like I wanted more – to fully experience life. I no longer wanted to coast through the days, weeks, months and years. I wanted to start making decisions that would ensure a more passionate and meaningful future. My goal was to create a balance in my life by learning how to improve my emotional well-being. The idea was to gain a clearer mindset in order to create space in my body and mind, so I would have room to really absorb what I was experiencing, but I needed help.

This brought me to Marca and the methods she uses. Her knowledge and guidance enabled me to reach trapped emotions, which made way for the creation of space and clarity. We worked on infusing a more supportive belief system – one that ensures a healthier approach to life.

After working with her I am more accepting of my emotions. Whether these are happiness, sadness, anger or joy, I have learned to welcome them. I have created healthy routines, such as daily meditation and practicing gratitude. And, though it’s a process, I am learning to slow down, to absorb life, and to follow my passion and work towards achieving my ambitions.

Marca’s ability to create a safe, welcoming space and her easy-going approach was the foundation to making this happen. She is knowledgeable, sincere and realistic. Having the opportunity to work with her was a pleasure. I highly recommend her as a life coach. She truly is a wonderful person!

Kylie Windsor

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