Awaken Your Inner Leadership

Awaken your Inner Leadership

Broaden your horizon by reflection and breaking through

  • Are you willing to grow. Grow in your business, work and personal life?
  • Do you dare to encounter your own boundaries?
  • Are you willing to let go?
  • Are you ready to do whatever it takes?
  • Are you longing for reflection?
  • Are you called upon exploring new ways of Leadership?

Let’s explore together! Be guided, challenged and supported.
We will support you on an emotional, physical and mental level.
This is the place to grow, explore and to deepen your wisdom.


What is this retreat about?

This retreat is for leaders who want to grow and expand their own capacity, their own personal effectiveness. Leaders who are willing to explore their boundaries and who are willing to reflect and to develop themselves. We are going to be the mirror that speaks, we are going to put you in situations that might be considered uncomfortable, we are the embrace in which you can develop yourself to your full potential.
Are you this leader who is seeking new ways to expand your capacity while engaging with like-minded peers? In that case, get ready for this transformative retreat.

Wim Hof method/ Journey method

Both methods are about empowering yourself from within and developing a more active state of balance in your daily life. Both personal and in business.

The Journey method, draws you within. Clears away unhealthy limiting beliefs and emotional baggage form the past in order to clear your way for change towards the future.
The Wim Hof method uses breathing techniques combined with mindset exercises in order to break through your own barriers.

These 2 techniques together will form the bases of your transformational journey during the retreat.

What will the days look like?

We will get together on the Sunday evening at the site to get to know each other, so we can start full and fresh on Monday morning.
From Monday to Friday we will do bodywork, breathwork, outdoor challenges, clearing processes, reflection and growing your awareness and personal leadership.
Healthy food is an essential part of the program and will support you in getting the most out of this retreat.
In general we would like to invite you to expect the unexpected, enter the week with an open mind, be ready for a mindblowing transformation.

Who are we?

  • Bart Scholtissen, Mindset Expert, Soul Scientist, Wim Hof Method Academy Instructor, PhD, Nature Lover, Lifestyle Hacker
  • Marca de Greef, Life Coach, Emotional Detox Expert, Certified Journey Practitioner, Inner world lover

Daiyly we support people in personal development. Are you willing to take the plunge in to the deep with us?

For more information you are welcome to contact us.

Bart Scholtissen: +31 6 1101 8042
Marca de Greef: +31 6 5046 21 46

Useful information:

We are looking forward to support an exclusive group of 8.
Investment: €3750,- (ex VAT)
Included: transport to and from retreat site, accommodation and all meals
Excluded: transport to Iceland Reykjavik Airport (Kevlavik, KEF)

Your accommodation

The retreat runs from September 27 till October 3rd. The accommodation is available until Saturday the 3rd.

At the end of the week there are two options: you are transported back to Reykjavik airport directly or you stay for an extra day (optional and booked separately) during which we visit Icelands Golden Circle with a drop-off at the airport.

You’ll stay in a shared accommodation. Eirð is an exclusive water front retreat on Iceland s south coast. It is uniquely located on a peninsula by lake Gislholtsvatn, providing extra privacy and connection to nature. Eirð consists of one main building and three spacious guest houses, mixing together an old Scandinavian lodge style with modern Scandinavian architecture. The main building boasts three bedrooms, Each of the guest houses has two single beds (or one double), a bathroom with shower, extra sleeping space upstairs and a work station.

Meals (lunches, dinners, and non-alcoholic refreshments) will be provided during the Retreat.


For more information contact me

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